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Book: Divine Covenant

Chapter: Conclusions

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.23812


The Conclusion summarizes the results, and discusses them with reference to the applied methodology. Referring the Qurʾānic concepts to the Islamic institutions, disciplines, and scholars has shown the latter consistently using these concepts, to define their specific methodologies and to analyse and deliberate topics related to constitution and social contract i.e. ‘Covenant’. The results show the scholars perceive that the Qurʾānic concept of divine knowledge, which prophets convey to their peoples, in their languages, refers to knowledge about state administration. In the Qurʾān itself, this knowledge is conveyed in the form of paradigmatic historical observations of past peoples, which the scholars further concretize and analyse through the parameters of each discipline. The concluding discussion then focuses on the implications of my methodology for Qurʾānic studies and studies of early Islamic history, and for Religious studies debates about the concept ‘religion’ and its relationship with ‘science’.

Chapter Contributors

  • Ulrika Mårtensson ( - umartensson) 'The Norwegian University of Science and Technology'