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Book: Impoliteness in Corpora

Chapter: A Methodological Perspective to Studying Impoliteness: Research Design and Corpora

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.23984


Corpus linguistics is traditionally used as a method for lexicographic studies. However a study linking corpus linguistics with pragmatics has to go beyond ‘traditional’ corpus linguistics, the reasons for this are discussed. Topics include: 3.1 An Overview; 3.2 Research Design; 3.3 Research Questions; 3.4 The Corpora; 3.5 Annotations and the Corpora; 3.6 Extraction and the Corpora; 3.7 Methodological Issues: The Discursive, Cue-based and Cyclic Approaches

Chapter Contributors

  • Hatice Çelebi ( - book-auth-745) 'Koc University'