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Book: Hybridity in Systemic Functional Linguistics

Chapter: 7. The multilayeredness of hybridity in the written stylistic analysis argument

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24295


Anne Isaac discusses hybridity as a multidimensional phenomenon (Sarangi this volume), applying the concept to the written stylistic analysis genre – seen as ‘a staged, goal-oriented, purposeful activity in which speakers engage as members of [a] culture’ (Martin 1984:25) – and considering its pedagogical implications for teaching academic writing to undergraduates for whom English is an L2. Data analysis probes multi-layered hybridity in the discursive organisation of the genre to determine which dimensions of hybridity are most likely to enable students to write more effectively. It reveals four dimensions of hybridity in the stylistic analysis genre which are amply discussed, along with the pedagogical implications of the findings which, among other things, show how innovation may actually enhance the effectiveness of an argument providing three crucial steps are fulfilled.

Chapter Contributors

  • Anne Isaac ( - aisaac) 'University of Canberra'