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Book: Academic Writing Step by Step

Chapter: The Popularized Research Article

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24699


In this Unit, you will be able to see: ■■ What a Popularized Research Article looks like “from above,” that is, its macro-structure on a global level; ■■ How the various components of such an article are put together: • Title and Lead Summary • Overview • Review of commonly held but questionable assumptions – the Given • Presentation of research supporting the new proposal – the New • Conclusion

Chapter Contributors

  • Christopher N Candlin ( - book-auth-6) 'Macquarie University'
  • Peter Crompton ( - book-auth-731) 'University of Sharjah'
  • Basil Hatim ( - book-auth-732) 'University of Sharjah'