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Book: Academic Writing Step by Step

Chapter: Article Body and Conclusion

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24701


In this Unit, you will be able to see:■■ How the Body of the Popularized Research Article is developed as a Given–New structure, or more simply, Problem–Solution structure; ■■ How the questionable Given assumptions are presented as background to the New proposals in the research article; ■■ How the Conclusion is presented. The Given and New form the core of what is referred to as a Thesis Statement. This is normally the answer to a Research Question. For example, if your Research Question in an article you plan to write is “Can animals treat themselves?”, the Thesis Statement will be something like “It is possible for animals to treat themselves.” In terms of Given and New, the Given here is “Animals cannot treat themselves,” and the New is “Yes, they can!”

Chapter Contributors

  • Christopher N Candlin ( - book-auth-6) 'Macquarie University'
  • Peter Crompton ( - book-auth-731) 'University of Sharjah'
  • Basil Hatim ( - book-auth-732) 'University of Sharjah'