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Book: Academic Writing Step by Step

Chapter: What Goes on Inside the Writer's Head

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24707


In this Unit, you will be able to see: ■■ How a writer goes about the task of researching and writing up an article; ■■ How important summarizing is in almost all writing activities; ■■ How a writer presents two or more summaries to produce the kind of balance which you will need to produce in your papers; ■■ How writers “orchestrate” the content in different ways to achieve different purposes.

Chapter Contributors

  • Christopher N Candlin ( - book-auth-6) 'Macquarie University'
  • Peter Crompton ( - book-auth-731) 'University of Sharjah'
  • Basil Hatim ( - book-auth-732) 'University of Sharjah'