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Book: Distant Views of the Holy Land

Chapter: Judea and Philistia

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.25976


Provides an historical summary of Judea and a geographical description and details of major archaeological sites excluding Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
Topics on Judea include: Introduction; Historical Outline; Survey of Sites (Excluding Jerusalem and Bethlehem); Hebrew Ostraca; Survey of Sites (Continued); Joshua’s Conquest – History or Legend; A Biblical Personality Revealed: The Prophet Jeremiah and the Kingdom of Judah; The Dead Sea; The Dead Sea Scrolls; Survey of Sites (Continued).
Also included in this chapter is information on Philistia and the Philistines.

Chapter Contributors

  • Felicity Cobbing ( - book-auth-735) 'The Palestine Exploration Fund'
  • David Jacobson ( - book-auth-736) 'The Palestine Exploration Fund'