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Book: The Sheep People

Chapter: Three-aisled Houses in Early Bronze Age Rogaland: Who were the Household Members?

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.26514


In chapter 4, the archaeological material is presented. First, general Northern European trends and common interpretations are discussed, followed by an detailed discussion of the Early Bronze Age houses from Rogaland. The archaeological sites are presented and architectural traits are discussed. Palaeobotanical evidence is presented, which shows that the landscape was modified to facilitate large-scale grazing. The faunal data is scant, but shows that sheep/goats were the dominant species, followed by pigs. Cattle are not present. This trend is comparable with the rich faunal remains from a midden by a rock shelter further north. The data suggests that sheep became the dominant domestic species in the Early Bronze Age in this area.

Chapter Contributors

  • Kristin Armstrong Oma ( - kaoma) 'University of Stavanger'