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Book: Ḥanafī Māturīdīsm

Chapter: 1. Establishing the Authorship of al-Hādī

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.29042


Chapter One is devoted to verifying the ascription of the manuscript to its author. This chapter is placed before the others due to its importance because following chapters rely on the assumption of the manuscript’s authenticity to al-Khabbāzī. This is due to some of the authors of books of biographies and many manuscript and research centres stating that the author of al-Hādī was the Ḥanafī jurist ʿUmar al-ʿAqīlī. In this chapter, the ascription of this book to al-ʿAqīlī is discussed and proven to be misplaced. The authorship of the book is then affirmed to al-Khabbāzī.

Chapter Contributors

  • Ayedh Alddosari ( - aalddosari)