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Book: Ḥanafī Māturīdīsm

Chapter: The Edited Text of al-Hadi

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.29049


Chapter Eight presents the edited Arabic text of al-Hādī based on six manuscripts. Despite the fact that al-Hādī was written to serve as a text within a school curriculum of scholastic theology for Ḥanafite students in Damascus in the seventh Hijri century, it still represents the ongoing creed of around half of the Muslims who are said to belong to the Māturīdite school. al-Hādī is not only important in our time because it represents the creed of the Muslims who have adopted it, but it is also very valuable to studies of early kalam in general and the Māturīdite theological school in particular.

Chapter Contributors

  • Ayedh Alddosari ( - aalddosari)