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Book: The Power of Language

Chapter: Introduction

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.29705


The second edition of this highly regarded textbook is designed to introduce students at the tertiary level to both Systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis. It develops critical analytical skills by rooting analysis in SFL methodology so that students can learn to analyze a range of discourse types. Each chapter builds a methodological foundation for the development of critical discourse analytical skills. SFL provides novice analysts with a rich set of resources for CDA and equips them to better reflect on what language is doing and why.

The Power of Language offers explanations along with a range of sample analyses to illustrate theory and provide applications of the methodologies introduced in each chapter. Students not only learn by studying a number of analyses but carry out their own analytical work on other samples, thus gaining experience. Each chapter also includes examples of analyses by well known researchers so that novice analysts become familiar with various approaches to analysis.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated throughout and features an expanded first chapter on language and war; a new second chapter focusing on political fear; an expanded chapter on multimodal communication; and an entirely new chapter on language and social media. Other chapters have been updated with new sample analyses and activities.

Chapter Contributors

  • Lynne Young ( - book-auth-98) 'Carleton University, (retired)'
  • Michael Fitzgerald ( - book-auth-757)
  • Saira Fitzgerald ( - book-auth-756)