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Book: Technology of Early Settlement in Northern Europe

Chapter: Raw-material and Blade Technology Variability: A Case Study of Mesolithic Pressure Blade Methods in the Wolin Island Region (North-Western Poland)

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.30722


Despite over 150 years of archaeological research on Wolin Island (NW Poland), the Stone Age of this area still seems to be a marginalized issue. Therefore, since 2011 a detailed research focused on Wolin Island’s Paleolithic and Mesolithic has been conducted by the Author of this paper. As an results of the first stage of field research and examination of the archival records several Final Paleolithic and Mesolithic sites (including Mesolithic sites with Pressure Microblade method) were discovered.

Moreover, the mentioned Mesolithic sites were grouped in clusters, differentiated by raw material and type of blade technology. At least two different concepts and following different Pressure Microblade methods were present. In this specific case, the technology seems to be somehow related to the qualities of the raw material. The situation can be described as: “same area – different raw material – different methods”.

Is it then the matter either of chronology, small-scale cultural differentiation or technological opportunism. The following paper discuses possibilities of technological variability as seen from the experimental archaeology perspective.

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