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Book: Technology of Early Settlement in Northern Europe

Chapter: The Early Settlement of Northern Europe: Technology and Communication

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.32735


Introductory chapter. This volume explores technology and communication of the early settlements of Northern Europe. The articles will discuss case studies and present overviews from the early and middle Mesolithic of Northern Europe. Special emphasis will be put on the spatial and temporal transmission of knowledge and culture. This subject addresses themes such as the transmission of specialised knowledge, the generative transmission of knowledge, the understanding of technology as somatic or incorporated culture in human society and the role of pedagogies and teaching in cultural sustainment and transformation. Other papers will discuss the relation between demography and technological developments, as well as the natural and cultural context for the transmission of culture. The understanding of the transmission of technology is, again, closely interrelated to the nature and efficiency of social networks of contact and their social and physical framework.

Ultimately these question addresses one of the fundamental issues of our time – how to understand and cope with radical changes. This book provides new and different answers to this great problem of our time.

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