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Book: Delights from the Garden of Eden

Chapter: Poultry

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.33887


The ancient Mesopotamians ate a lot of birds and

eggs. Game was plentiful. There were ducks, geese,

and many kinds of pigeon, excluding perhaps doves,

which, though domesticated, were tabooed. They

were thought of as belonging to the goddess Ishtar,

and during religious festivals, worshipers fed them

crumbled cakes made especially for such occasions.

Some of the wild marsh birds were domesticated as

pets, such as the ibis, crane, and heron, of which seven

varieties are mentioned in the ancient records.

This chapter includes: Flatbread Sopped in Broth of Simmered Chicken;

Chicken Supreme;

Cornish Hens/Poussins Simmered in Cumin Sauce;

Chicken Drumsticks Baked in Fig Sauce;

Chicken Legs Simmered in Vinegar;

Chicken Curry;

Chicken Simmered in Pomegranate Sauce;

Chicken Shish Kebab;

Roast Chicken or Turkey Stuffed with Rice;

The Pregnant Chicken;

Stuffed Chicken, Simmered in Tomato Juice and Buried in Rice;

Chicken with Red Rice;

Fruity Baked Chicken;

Chicken and Spinach Delights

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  • Nawal Nasrallah ( - book-auth-449)