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Book: Archaeological Perspectives on Hunter-Gatherer Landscapes and Resource Management in Interior North Norway

Chapter: LARM Investigations in Inner Troms 1: Altevatn - Leinvatn and Vuolit Rostojávri/ Lille Rostavatn

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.33997


10.1. General Introduction

10.2. Introduction to the Altevatn – Leinavatn Region

10.3. Regional Case Study: (1) Excavations at Leinavasshytta 1 and 4, and (2) Test-pitting and dating of pit-houses and pit-falls in the Ostu and Leinavatnet area

10.4. Introduction to the Vuolit Rostojávri/Lille Rostavatn Region

10.5. Regional Case Study: Excavations at Vuolit Rostojávre/Lille Rostavatn

10.6. Introduction to the Guomojávrrit Region

10.7. Regional Case Study: Excavations at Guomojávri

10.8. Discussion of Landscape Use

Chapter Contributors

  • Hans Peter Blankholm ( - hpblankholm) 'University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway.'