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Book: Investigative Creative Writing

Chapter: 4. Multiple-Personality Pedagogy: A Hybrid Teaching Tool for Varying Voice in the Classroom

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.34893


First published in Hybrid Pedagogy, this chapter builds on pedagogy posited by Dr. Pete Rorabaugh and Dr. Jesse Stommel that encourages varying voice in both the classroom and one’s writing. I then review my own experience in applying characters such as “Crabby Old Man” to teach Walt Whitman, and “Big Dummy” to question the literary strategies of T.C. Boyle, Lester Bangs, Diane Wakowski, and Frank O’Hara. Both “Cool Dude” and “Tiger Nooodles” are recounted for their effectiveness in introducing the workshop procedure and for providing occasions for applying methods that stimulate inquiry and debate in order to foster critical thinking. This chapter includes one image.

Chapter Contributors

  • Mark Spitzer ( - markspitzer) 'University of Central Arkansas'