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Book: Investigative Creative Writing

Chapter: 13. From Wild People to Wilderness: An Education in Investigating Monsters in Our Midst

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.34902


Originally presented as a PowerPoint talk for the students and faculty of Marist College in New York State, this chapter traces my personal investigative odyssey in the areas of art history and world lit to its final destination in environmental fish research. As a sort of abbreviated Bildungsroman, the evolution of a research aesthetic is outlined through recurring thematic images and icons in medieval and Renaissance history. The research of Dr. Timothy Husband and Dr. Edward Savage is referenced along with the Marburger Index, and The Gilgamesh Epic is revisited with a side of Thoreau. Bruegel, Amiri Baraka, and King Nebuchadnezzar, which ultimately explains my connection and commitment to the environment. An excerpt from the conclusion of my last fish book notes cutting-edge research by Diane Ackerman, Al Gore, Len Ornstein, and Jeffrey Sachs, which support a resonating activist message. Multiple images are included in this chapter.

Chapter Contributors

  • Mark Spitzer ( - markspitzer) 'University of Central Arkansas'