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Book: Micro-Reflection on Classroom Communication

Chapter: The FAB Classroom: Bringing It All Together

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35456


This chapter begins with an exhibit that demonstrates how the three aspects of the FAB framework come together in the “messy” reality of the classroom. Indeed, in real life, the three principles often converge and are managed in a single moment. Thus, it is via micro-reflection that teachers can move from these principles to an integrated practice that constitutes the exciting complexity of teaching. The chapter concludes by recontextualizing the four-stage process of developing the ability of micro-reflection (do, use, notice, practice) as an iterative cycle of noticing, reflecting and practicing.

Chapter Contributors

  • Hansun Waring ( - hwaring) 'Teachers College, Columbia University'
  • Sarah Creider ( - screider) 'New York University'