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Book: The Bible for the Curious

Chapter: 7. The Gospels Story

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35688


The books of the Old Testament are either anonymous or pseudonymous
and mostly rewritten and edited more than once. They are also varied in
their interests and ideas. The New Testament books are not anonymous
(with the exception of the Letter to the Hebrews), but mostly pseudonymous.
They all focus on the deity Jesus Christ and were written within the
space of a century. The Jewish scriptures are the work of scribal schools,
finally given an official authorization (probably by the Hasmonean rulers).
No scribal schools or political authorities account for the growth and canonizing
of the New Testament; local Christian communities (‘churches’)
at first adopted their own list of books, but as these communities developed
into larger organizations and hierarchies emerged, culminating with
the dominance of the church in Rome, the contents of the New Testament
became more widely agreed.

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  • Philip Davies ( - philipdavies) 'University of Sheffield, (Emeritus)'