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Book: English Language Teacher Beliefs

Chapter: Types of Beliefs

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35783


This chapter clarifies different types of teacher beliefs. The term ‘beliefs’ is broad; thus, Pajares (1992) argues that the term should be broken down and specific beliefs or ‘beliefs about’ various elements should be considered. For example, teachers have beliefs about the nature of knowledge (epistemology), beliefs about teaching (pedagogy), beliefs about their own capabilities (self-efficacy), beliefs about their own students, among others. These distinctions, while at times acknowledged, have yet to be fully articulated in the research. Many studies address teachers’ beliefs, but do not decipher between what type of beliefs are being investigated. This chapter offers distinctions about different types of beliefs, and offer practical examples on how reflective practice can be utilized to address each one.

Chapter Contributors

  • Farahnaz Faez ( - ffaez) 'University of Western Ontario'
  • Michael Karas ( - mkaras) 'University of Western Ontario'