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Book: English Language Teacher Beliefs

Chapter: Beliefs and Teaching (Practice): External Factors

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35787


This chapter discusses the relationship between teachers’ beliefs and practices, focusing on the external factors (Buehl & Beck, 2015) that impede or support (in)congruence. Building off of chapter 8, which discussed internal factors, this chapter looks at external elements such as the classroom context, the school, regional/national/international factors, and also, TESOL specific impacts (e.g. inner/outer circle methodology issues, NEST/NNEST issues, etc.) that may affect the relationship between beliefs and practice. Similar to chapter 8, this chapter provides practical strategies for teachers and/or teacher educators to use in order to address these aspects and how they support or impede teachers in carrying out their stated beliefs in the classroom.

Chapter Contributors

  • Farahnaz Faez ( - ffaez) 'University of Western Ontario'
  • Michael Karas ( - mkaras) 'University of Western Ontario'