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Book: Spirituality and Wellbeing

Chapter: 9. Religiosity, Spirituality and Wellbeing in the Perception of Brazilian Health and Mental Health Professionals

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35871


This chapter presents information from three research projects in which 158 Brazilian health and mental health professionals were interviewed in depth on their perceptions and experiences about the relationships between religiosity, spirituality and physical and mental health. It describes the method used in the three surveys, according to a phenomenological approach, presents the main results, focusing on the main convergent elements in the perceptions and experiences of these professionals regarding religiosity and spirituality in the context of health, as well as some of its specificities according to the context (hospital or mental health services). Finally, as a conclusion, it presents some general considerations about the implications of these results for health practices and policies committed to the well-being of people in Brazil and beyond.

Chapter Contributors

  • Marta Helena de Freitas ([email protected] - mdefreitas) 'Catholic University of Brasilia'