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Book: Spirituality and Wellbeing

Chapter: 2. Clinical Parapsychology: The Interface Between Anomalous Experiences and Psychological Wellbeing

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35877


Parapsychology is concerned with the scientific study of experiences which, if they are as they seem to be, are in principle outside the realm of human capabilities as presently conceived by conventional scientists. Such experiences are often termed 'paranormal', and although surveys show that they are relatively common across different cultures and time periods, they are typically dismissed by the academic mainstream. As a consequence, members of the public who have experienced parapsychological phenomena find it difficult to access accurate and balanced information about them or to have their experiences taken seriously, which can exacerbate any psychological distress they are feeling. In this paper I will discuss new developments in parapsychology that are focused on the therapeutic benefits of developing an understanding of parapsychology that can be shared with mental health professionals so that they can better meet experients' needs.

Chapter Contributors

  • Chris Roe ( - croe) 'University of Northampton'