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Book: Capitalizing Jerusalem

Chapter: Setting the Stage: Sinnabra, Hamat Gader, Tiberias

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35912


Chapter 3 focuses on clarifying Mu’awiya’s role in the northern region of Bilad al-Sham notably his preliminary role in establishing Damascus as an administrative center, his long-term residency in al-Jabiya. His focus in the north was in his monumental development of the area in the southern area near the Sea of Galilee, notably building the winter palace cum capital of Sinnabra, the first of the qusur or palaces; the refurbishment of the Roman/Byzantine bath of al-Hamma (Hammat Gader), and may have played a role in constructing a mosque to the north in the region of Tabariyya (Tiberias). The sites around the Sea of Galilee have been widely excavated in recent years providing substantial datable findings for these sites. This evidence contributes strongly for substantiating claims in Jerusalem.

Chapter Contributors

  • Beatrice St. Laurent ( - bstlaurent) 'Bridgewater State University'
  • Isam Awwad ( - isamawwad) 'Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem'