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Book: Capitalizing Jerusalem

Chapter: Conclusion: A Globalized, Consistent, Uniform Vision in 7th Century Jerusalem and Bilad al-Sham

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35925


Chapter 16 concludes that Mu’awiya’s reign resulted in a unified vision for monumental and urban development in the entirety of Bilad al-Sham. The Umayyads under Mu’awiya united the former Byzantine and Sasanian realms blending those traditions with those of Umayyad origins in Arabia creating a more globalized culture in the 7th century.

Chapter Contributors

  • Beatrice St. Laurent ( - bstlaurent) 'Bridgewater State University'
  • Isam Awwad ( - isamawwad) 'Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem'