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Book: Religions of a Single God

Chapter: Chapter 5: Jewish Theology and Theological Writings

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.36414


Jewish mythological and theological narratives of their origins reveal the view that God
was active in the world, creating it, teaching it, punishing it, choosing a people to be
uniquely loyal to him and serve as beacons in the world, and promising to stand by them.
These foundation narratives tell us about the Jewish view of God. Jewish theology has a
long and rich tradition, but this short chapter can offer just a few of the central components
of Jewish theology: monotheism, covenant and election, sin and repentance,
messiah, Kabbalah, and afterlife. From there we turn to a survey of the writings that are
central of the construction of Jewish religious life: Torah and Talmud.

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  • Zeba Crook ( - zcrook) 'Carleton University'