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Book: Religions of a Single God

Chapter: Chapter 8: Jewish Practice and Holy Days

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.36417


Discussing thousands of years of Jewish practices would be impossible in so short a survey,
so this chapter focuses on modern Jewish practices, though some of the practices do go
back thousands of years. Understanding religious practice is important because much
can be expressed in practice, such as one’s understanding of God and one’s relationship
with competing groups, whether inside or outside of the religion, whether majority or
minority. In addition, practice is one of the key ways that communal identity is expressed.
This chapter summarizes some common Jewish practices and the widely observed Holy
Days. Finally, to speak of practice is also to speak of Jewish culture, Jewish homes, and
Jewish life.

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  • Zeba Crook ( - zcrook) 'Carleton University'