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Book: The Boke of Keruynge

Chapter: Drawings and Explanations

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38279


Figure 1A: Laying the tablecloths,
Figure 1B: Wrapping the bread,
Figure 1C: Arming towels,
Figure 2: The table setting,
Figure 3: Tableware,
Figure 4: Carving,
Figure 5: Surnape and towel,
Figure 6: To dress a Lord,
Figure 7: Hippocras,
Figure 8: Butler,
Figure 9: In this woodcut, printed by William Caxton some time before 1501, we see a traveller with his satchel
(Odysseus?) at the door of a dining chamber.

Chapter Contributors

  • Wynkyn de Worde ( - book-auth-392) 'Medieval Printer'