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Book: Levantine Entanglements

Chapter: 1. The Region of the Levant and the Importance of the Local Perspective

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38437


This chapter introduces the rationale for studying global history from the context of specific localities and viewing the Levant in a longue durée perspective. The relevant lands are geographically defined and the editors offer a reflection on different conventions for naming these lands. Certain salient characteristics of the Levant are identified and elaborated, such as its perennial internal fragmentation, its geopoliticially strategic location as a corridor connecting cultural epicenters at three different continents, and the resultant constant exposure to successive world empires and trade networks.

Chapter Contributors

  • Terje Stordalen ( - TStordalen) 'University of Oslo'
  • Øystein LaBianca ( - oslabianca) 'Andrews University'