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Book: Global Phenomenologies of Religion

Chapter: Religiologie and Existential/Therapeutic Phenomenologies of Religion: Interviews with Louis Rousseau and Earle H. Waugh (Canada)

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38473


PoR has been largely neglected or it is almost universally dominant in Canada, depending on how you define it. In either case, there is little or nothing distinctively Canadian about PoR in Canada. Canadian-born scholars of religion are often trained in and/or work in the USA, and many scholars working in Canadian SoR departments were born and trained in the USA. There is perhaps something distinctive about the ambivalent way that “PoR” is used in Canadian meta-theoretical debates, a point developed in the Commentary, after the interviews below. The interview with Louis Rousseau that follows consists of written responses provided by Rousseau, translated and with footnotes added by Engler. The second interview, with Earle H. Waugh, is a transcribed and edited version of an 80-minute phone interview that took place on 2 March 2018, intercalated with additional written responses, with footnotes by Engler.

Chapter Contributors

  • Steven Engler ( - sjengler) 'Mount Royal University'