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Book: Global Phenomenologies of Religion

Chapter: The Grammar to Read "Religion in Culture": An Interview with Chin-Hong Chung (South Korea)

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38474


Chin-Hong Chung has consistently emphasized the importance of phenomenology of religion (PoR) and introduced the works of Mircea Eliade to Korea. He has called for scholars of religion to expand beyond the limits of single religious traditions, such as Christianity, Buddhism and Confucianism, long before criticisms about the paradigm of world religions were raised. Also, he identified problems with the concept of religion and emphasized that the study of religion should not be confined to that concept. His research has focused primarily on the themes of intellectual honesty and free imagination. The interview was conducted in three sessions, at Prof. Chung’s office in Yongsan District, Seoul, on 21 March, 18 April and 5 June 2018.

Chapter Contributors

  • Sukman Jang ( - jsukman) 'Seoul National University'