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Book: Play, Pain and Religion

Chapter: Kinky Bodies

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.40007


Chapter 7 considers the nature of the body and its involvement in the creation of experience. Bodies are presented as multi-sensory, with senses braided together into a synaesthetic dynamic whole rather than separate from one another. Movement/animation as the foundation of bodily experience is explored in the context of BDSM and the complexities of kink experience are drawn out. The idea of the medium as the message (McLuhan, 1964; Seligman et al., 2008) – that the meaning, purpose or point of BDSM play is to play – is introduced here, to indicate the importance of bodies in their full multi-sensory kinetic reality as part of the gestalt of BDSM.

Chapter Contributors

  • Alison Robertson ( - arobertson3184) 'The Open University'