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Book: Fabricating Authenticity

Chapter: Trans* Muslims and Jessica Krug: Analyzing the Discursive Power of Authenticity

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.40287


Building on Simmons’ analysis, Muneeruddin juxtaposes how two examples of contested “authentic” trans* identification discourses are strategically employed in disparate ways. Muneeruddin first examines how Jessica Krug’s claims created a sense of racial authority in her scholarship by perpetuating the commodification of Blackness in the US; she then outlines how trans* Muslims strategically reclaim rhetoric of “authentic Muslimness” to create safe spaces for trans* Muslims and combat exclusionary, cis-heteronormative Muslim practices.

Chapter Contributors

  • Hinasahar Muneeruddin ( - hmuneeruddin) 'University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill'