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Book: Language in Action

Chapter: 6. A Functional Study of Transitivity and Attitude in Student Writing in Spanish across Disciplines: Making Connections

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.40631


This chapter presents a systemic analysis of process types in academic student texts in Spanish in three different disciplines: literature, history and geography. It also analyses these texts from the Appraisal perspective and how appraisal differs by discipline. Lastly, it establishes connections and observes the interaction of the experiential and interpersonal metafunctions and the systems of Transitivity and Attitude. Our purpose is to explore how student writers use process types to construe their specific disciplinary experience and what options they choose for encoding semantic categories of Attitude. The results suggest that each system (Transitivity and Appraisal) shows a strong connection to each of the three disciplines (literature, history and geography) while the relation between the two metafunctions (experiential and interpersonal) is much weaker.

Chapter Contributors

  • Natalia Ignatieva ( - nignatieva8741) 'National Autonomous University of Mexico'
  • Daniel Rodríguez-Vergara ( - danielrdguez) 'Autonomous University of Mexico '
  • Victoria Zamudio ( - vzamudio) 'National Autonomous University of Mexico'