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Book: Reading to Learn, Reading the World

Chapter: Learning to Use Reading to Learn in Portugal

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41264


The growing success of R2L in Sweden attracted the interest of Danish educators, so Claire Acevedo and Ann-Christin Lövstedt applied for funding from the European Union for a multi-national training program. They eventually recruited five teams of educators from Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Spain and Portugal for a three-year project, known as Teacher Learning for European Literacy Education, or TeL4ELE. In Chapter 11, Carlos Gouveia, Marta Filipe Alexandre and Fausto Caels outline its outcomes in Portugal, particularly in a project to describe the genres of the school curriculum.

Chapter Contributors

  • Carlos Gouveia ( - cgouveia) 'Universidade de Lisboa'
  • Marta Alexandre ( - mfalexandre) 'Polytechnic of Leiria'
  • Fausto Caels ( - fcaels) 'Polytechnic of Leiria'