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Book: Reading to Learn, Reading the World

Chapter: Introducing Reading to Learn into Higher Education Teaching in the Colombian Caribbean

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41271


In Chapter 13, Sergio Álvarez, Norma Barletta, Teresa Benitez, Diana Chamorro and Nayibe Rosado discuss an academic literacy project in their university in Colombia that has involved educators from multiple disciplines.

Chapter Contributors

  • Sergio Álvarez Uribe ( - suribe) 'Universidad del Norte, Colombia'
  • Norma Barletta ( - nbarletta5208) 'Universidad del Norte, Colombia '
  • Teresa Benítez ( - tbenitez) 'Universidad del Norte, Colombia'
  • Nayibe Rosado-Mendinueta ( - nrosado) 'Universidad del Norte, Colombia'