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Book: The Phonetics of Dysarthria

Chapter: 6. Discussion of Acoustic and Perceptual Study

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41370


This chapter summarizes and discusses the overall results of this study. To that end, it will be shown how the findings answered each of the study questions and contributed to the understanding of the acoustic and perceptual effects of dysarthria in Greek. Next, the implications of this study will be discussed, focusing on the clinical application of the research findings in the assessment and therapy of dysarthria and on the importance of cross-language research in motor speech disorders. Finally, possibilities for future research will be explored.

Chapter Contributors

  • Ioannis Papakyritsis ( - ipapakyritisis) 'University of Patras'
  • Marie Klopfenstein ( - maklopf) 'Southern Illinois University Edwardsville'
  • Ben Rutter ( - brutter) 'University of Sheffield'