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Book: Extending Research Horizons in Applied Linguistics

Chapter: Focus Group Interview on the Ecological Perspective in Language Study: An Insight into Critical Language Awareness of L2 Users with Regard to Translingual Practices of Plurilinguals

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41511


The aim of this chapter to integrate focus group interview methodology into language research, in particular into the search for the manifestation of critical language awareness (CLA) among plurilinguals. The author confines its study to translingual practices, which are perceived not only as an “instinct” resulting from the knowledge of many language systems by one mind (multi-competence) but are perceived as CLA, empowering them as

plurilinguals. The analytical framework for the research invokes the so-called “narrative turn” and the tenets of ecolinguistics, as breaking the rules of the positivist way of conducting linguistic research, which is incompatible with the dogma of the post-modern era. Referring to the concept of interdisciplinarity, the author applies the focus group methodology, derived primarily from social sciences, to the study of applied linguistics and ultimately reflects on its suitability and benefits for the research area.

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