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Book: Extending Research Horizons in Applied Linguistics

Chapter: Integrating Duoethnography with Ethnolinguistics in an Endeavour to Reconstruct the Profiles of Education in the Discourse of Third-Year Students of Applied Linguistics: A Case Study

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41515


In the current paper, I try to elucidate the notion of education and how it is conceived by those whom it most concerns, i.e. students. I look at duoethnographic conversations as sites in which the participants share with a partner their views, opinions, and experiences of education. While revealing conceptions and beliefs, they ponder what this notion means to them personally. Interacting with partners of difference they may confront their own views with those held by that partner. These varying definitional nuances will be depicted in the form of semantic profiles which are subjective variants of how we conceptualise a given notion. It is worth noting that the adopted methodology originates from social sciences, in particular health and educational research. Here, however, it will be coupled with linguistics to yield a more interdisciplinary result.

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