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Book: Knowledge-based Vocabulary Lists

Chapter: The Need for the Knowledge-based Vocabulary List (KVL)

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41773


This introductory chapter outlines the need and the rationale of the KVL. It begins with a brief history of word lists, illustrating how they are useful for second language pedagogy. It then moves on to frequency-based lists and their strengths, but particularly their weakness. Finally, it argues why a knowledge-based list can overcomes many of these weaknesses for many pedagogic purposes.

Chapter Contributors

  • Norbert Schmitt ( - nschmitt) 'Nottingham University'
  • Karen Dunn ( - kdunn) 'British Council'
  • Barry O'Sullivan ( - BOS) 'British Council'
  • Laurence Anthony ( - lanthony) 'Waseda University, Japan'
  • Benjamin Kremmel ( - bkremmel) 'University of Innsbruck'