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Book: Knowledge-based Vocabulary Lists

Chapter: Methodology – Creating a List of Lemmas to Test

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41774


This is the first methodology chapter, and describes how we compiled the initial candidate list of lemmas to be placed on the eventual tests. This was important because we did not know which 5,000 lemmas would end up on the list, so we need to test a larger number of lemmas in order to capture the best-known 5,000. The chapter also discusses key initial decisions, like scope of the list, choosing the counting unit (e.g. word, lemma, or word family), choosing the reference corpora, and which L1 speakers to test.

Chapter Contributors

  • Norbert Schmitt ( - nschmitt) 'Nottingham University'
  • Karen Dunn ( - kdunn) 'British Council'
  • Barry O'Sullivan ( - BOS) 'British Council'
  • Laurence Anthony ( - lanthony) 'Waseda University, Japan'
  • Benjamin Kremmel ( - bkremmel) 'University of Innsbruck'