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Book: Knowledge-based Vocabulary Lists

Chapter: Data Collection Phase

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41779


This chapter describes the data collection phase, and some of the challenges involved in collecting 125-150 responses for 7,762 target lemmas (i.e. 970,625 responses in total). This was for each language, that is, nearly 300,00 responses. Topics covered include the publicity and website tweaks that were necessary to obtain this amount of data.

Chapter Contributors

  • Norbert Schmitt ( - nschmitt) 'Nottingham University'
  • Karen Dunn ( - kdunn) 'British Council'
  • Barry O'Sullivan ( - BOS) 'British Council'
  • Laurence Anthony ( - lanthony) 'Waseda University, Japan'
  • Benjamin Kremmel ( - bkremmel) 'University of Innsbruck'