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Book: Voice and Mirroring in L2 Pronunciation Instruction

Chapter: Research on the Impact of Internalized Voices on Interlanguage Phonology

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.42468


Chapter 4 reviews variationist research documenting the sensitivity of pronunciation to sociolinguistic variables like interlocutor. Sociocultural research shows that L2 learners don’t internalize raw forms, but rather “voices” which imbue forms with elements of the original social context and are expressed in language play and double-voicing. Pedagogical implications are explored.

Chapter Contributors

  • Darren LaScotte ( - dlascotte) 'University of Minnesota'
  • Colleen Meyers ( - colleenmeyers) 'University of Minnesota'
  • Elaine Tarone ( - etarone) 'University of Minnesota'