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Book: Maldito Coronavirus!

Chapter: Conclusion

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43043


This interdisciplinary study of música del coronavirus is meant to capture the essence and texture of particular regional musical aspects in the first year of the global history of covid-19. As a result, the conclusion of the book highlights the quite vast future avenues for research signaled by the insights of this work and newly made possible by the slow return of access and mobility in research life. The authors urge particular focus on the musical resistance to the biopolitical nature of coronavirus pandemic state responses and the related ways musical responses have been progressively put to political use in Chile, in particular, in the #nomascuarentena movement from artists like Dukemen Estilo and SelvaKid. The book concludes with a discussion of the future utilities of the new networks and diasporic communal linkages created during the pandemic to channel the new energies created by the musical response to coronavirus.

Chapter Contributors

  • Daniel Margolies ( - dmargolies) 'Virginia Wesleyan College'
  • J.A. Strub ( - jastrub) 'University of Texas, Austin'