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Book: Discourses of Crisis and the Study of Religion

Chapter: 10. The Crisis of World Religions and the Critique of Essentialism

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43940


In what follows, I argue that the philosophical rejection of essentialism that fuels critics of WRP is embedded in a broader critique of the substance metaphysics in which essentialism is most at home. When compared with this philosophical rejection, essentialism critiques of WRP are often imprecise and superficial: imprecise in their accounts of essentialism and superficial in their reception of this philosophical rejection. Deeper engagement with this philosophical rejection of essentialism would encourage naming essentialism specifically as an ontological doctrine and rejecting essentialism by appropriating a non-substance metaphysics.

Chapter Contributors

  • Michael Dejonge ( - mdejonge) 'University of South Florida'