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Book: Information Structure in Spoken English

Chapter: Discussion and Conclusion with Thoughts as to How to Apply the Theoretical Principles behind the Model to Other Languages

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43963


I start the chapter by synthesising what information is and the functions that are realised in the expanded model. I will then consider how such functions are realised in languages other than English especially ones where prosody is of no or of limited importance respectively Japanese and Greek. Study of these languages will show that these languages rely more on ellipsis, morphology, case and syntax in projecting Information Structure. I will show that metaphors such as ‘point of departure’ are not helpful in understanding how speakers form wordings into text. The book will conclude with some personal reflections on what I feel are the outstanding issues in the study of information structure within an SFL framework.

Chapter Contributors

  • Gerard O'Grady ( - gogrady) 'Cardiff University'