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Book: Power and Agency in the Lives of Contemporary Tibetan Nuns

Chapter: 16. Between Oppression and Opportunities

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.44155


In the light of my research, it can be suggested that when trying to understand the relationship between women and religion, it is not enough to focus merely on gender and religion. Apart from religious doctrines and practices, gender intersects many other dimensions. Religious women are not merely women and religious practitioners; they are also women with a certain social and economic position, women with a certain ethnic background and nationality, and women of different ages, social backgrounds, sexual orientations and ideologies. When the intersections of these are investigated in different domains of power, the question of “status” becomes extremely complex and multifaceted.

Chapter Contributors

  • Mitra Härkönen ( - mharkonen) 'University of Helsinki'