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Book: The Five Principles of Middle Way Philosophy

Chapter: d. Awareness of Appropriation and Lumping

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.44371


Appropriation defends against the Middle Way by assuming it to be part of a favoured absolutized belief, whilst lumping rejects the Middle Way by assuming it is part of a rejected absolutized belief. This can be done in either case by defining the Middle Way in absolutized terms, by applying the Middle Way in an absolutized way, by seeing the Middle Way as an aspect of an absolutized view, by substituting an absolutized view for a Middle Way view, or by seeing an absolutized view as an aspect of the Middle Way. This is problematic and requires wariness only because it obscures the Middle Way and results in further absolutization. Appropriation and lumping can also be used in service of the Middle Way.

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  • Robert Ellis ( - rmellis) 'Middle Way Society'