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Book: The Language Dynamic

Chapter: Emergent Creativity

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.44591


In Chapter 6, Emergent Creativity, we compare the processes of reception discussed in Chapter 3 with processes of production in context, We explore how these both respond to the expectations set up by previous productions and recalibrate these in real time as speakers respond to both the centripetal forces of conventionalised structures and the centrifugal forces generated by an overdetermined and multilayered context. We analyse in detail three texts from nursing handover meetings to illustrate the core principles we have been developing throughout the book as these operate across extended interactions and, on the basis of this analysis, to demonstrate how the nursing team involved has drawn on the serviceable noise of the conventional format to recalibrate the system of meanings open to them as they respond to contextual pressures. In this way we illustrate the emergence of distinctive language systems operating across specific spatiotemporal scales.

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