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Book: Dancehalls, Glitterballs and DJs

Chapter: A Beat Boom, a Baby Boom and a Disco Explosion!

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.44957


American artists could still draw a crowd in Britain, but soon much of the most fashionable and exciting pop music was heading in the other direction, from Britain to the States. As British pop music exploded across the world, back home the new breed of clubs for dancing drew not only on home-produced music but also on music from the USA. The discotheques now played the latest soul, R&B and Motown from the USA, but also the hits of Beat Boom bands like the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and Manfred Mann. The post-war ‘Baby Boom’ led to a rise in the number of young people desperate for new entertainment, the growing economy gave them the money to spend, the entertainment industry was happy to open venues where they could spend it. DJs took up residence in venues across the country, while others carved out careers as mobile DJs, bringing the disco experience to temporary venues in small towns and villages. Live music remained popular, but the best DJs could draw bigger crowds than the covers bands that were playing their own
versions of the hits.

Chapter Contributors

  • Bruce Lindsay ( - blindsay) 'Music Journalist and Social Historian'